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OnexHosting News
20 May 2007 Official
Launch Date!

2 May 2007
New domains available:

Support Forum Installed.

30 April 2007

BETA launch.


Free Plan Details
With the free plan we currently offer
200mb Storage
3000mb Bandwidth
FTP access
Web FTP access
Free Sub-domain
Host your domain
PHP scripts allowed
CGI scripts allowed
No file size limit

There are also a few easy install scripts, which you can install with the click of a button! these are
- Wordpress
- phpBB

If you need any assistance then don't hesitate to visit the support forums Here

High quality web sites will receive some added extras free. These extras could be:
- Increased storage
- Increased bandwidth limit
- Free Domain Name

You can use your site for
- Personal Web sites
- Business Web sites
- Pictures Web sites
- Forums
- Blogs

What you can NOT
- Create web sites that send spam emails, or large amounts of emails.
- Send mass emails to promote your site, emails may only be sent to people who have expressly agreed to receive email from you on this site.
- Promote Warez
- Run any 'hate' sites. Racism, Homophobia, Religious Hate etc. will not be tolerated, we include 'self hate' in this definition
- Run anything resembling a pyramid scheme, timeshare scam etc.
- Accept paid advertising without the approval of ourselves.

If you wish to contact us about any of the above points, or infact with any queries, contact us at, or visit the support forum.

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